Potentiometer, Trimmer

Potentiometers and trimmers are components which resistances can be adjusted. They are used in applications that either have the need to be adjusted several times or have no need to be changed after first time adjustment. Due to the requirement the products are set inside (turning with a screwdriver) or outside (operating with a knob) of products.

The components usually consist of

  • A resistive track on which a wiper moves
  • A few terminals or leads
  • A setting device


Potentiometer Applications

  • Audio volume control
  • Motor driven servo feedback system
  • Power supplies
  • Control system for heater and measuring instruments
  • Washing machine, vaccum cleaner


Trimmer Applications

  • Power supplies
  • Parking assist system
  • Sensors, Relays
  • Fire Alarms, Smoke Detectors
  • Medical diagnostic equipment
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