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Customer-Specific Development, Quick Delivery.

Ferrite core transformers are the latest high-tech member of the transformer of our supplier MARSCHNER. They are used for energy transfers in the high frequency spectrum and mainly in switching power supplies. Benefits for you: Tailor-made and quick production. Application areas: Medical technology, consumer electronics, white ware, solar industry, telecommunications, industrial electronics and lighting electronics.

The following core models with pins (THT) can be used: EF, EFD, ETD, EP, RM, U-cores with Pins (THT) / SMD-Models

The versatility of applications is matched by the flexibility of the production types: You can choose among various core materials with different permeability. We also offer the option of vacuum sealing your ferrite core transformers with epoxide resin or  polyurethane resin. Custom-made products are the core competency of MARSCHNER and we will be glad to tailor a ferrite core transformer to your specifications, for example with high frequency litz wires, TIW and FIW wires, specific isolation materials, integrated protective devices and many other features.


  • Customer-specific solutions
  • Technical support through development at our site
  • Quick sample delivery
  • Short delivery times
  • High-voltage test
  • Individually tested quality
  • Flexibility
  • Adherence to delivery schedules
  • Customer Service

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