Molex – MediSpec MID/LDS Blends Advanced Technologies in Compact 3D Package

Integrated fine-pitch circuitry.

Molex Incorporated introduces MediSpec™ Moulded Interconnect Device/Laser Direct Structuring (MID/LDS); this 3D technology combines advanced MID capability with LDS antenna expertise, to deliver integrated fine-pitch 3D circuitry in a single moulded package suitable for high density medical devices while meeting stringent medical grade guidelines.

“Surpassing the capabilities of existing 2D technologies, MediSpec MID/LDS 3D shielded circuitry allows medical device designers to integrate highly complex electrical and mechanical features into highly compact applications,” states Steve Zeilinger, group product manager, Molex.

Addressing functionality, space, weight and cost savings, the proprietary MediSpec MID/LDS 3D technology blends the versatility of the two-shot MID moulding process with the speed and precision of LDS. Scalable from small to large volume production quantities, LDS uses a 3D laser to image micro-line electronic circuitry onto a variety of RoHS-compliant moulded plastics, which allows for pattern modification with lines and spaces down to 0.10 mm and circuitry pitch down to 0.35 mm.

Molex provides design and manufacturing experience to customise MediSpec MID/LDS selective trace solutions with miniaturised connectors, circuit vias, switch pads, sensors or even antennas. Suitable for SMT applications meeting specific mechanical requirements, integrated chips, capacitors and inductors can be soldered directly to the selective plating on the RoHS-compliant plastic. Insert and overmoulding allows for built-in features to reduce weight and increase functionality.

“An excellent value proposition for miniaturisation strategies, our MediSpec 3D interconnect package delivers significant space savings over traditional PCB and flex circuit designs,” adds Zeilinger. “The power of MID/LDS technology to address miniaturisation, convergence and healthcare trends in the medical industry is phenomenal.”

MediSpec MID/LDS 3D packaging is suitable for blood glucose meters, home healthcare telemetry, catheter interfaces, pulse oximetry sensors, hearing aids, and a range of other medical device applications. In addition to full scope engineering support, Molex provides MID/LDS quality control testing to ensure product reliability and performance criteria are met.

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