Heat Foils

Transtherm Silicone Pads offer an economical solution to reduce operating temperature in electronic devices. They are available in various thicknesses from high to low thermal resistance value.  Products can be coated with pressure sensitive adhesive on one or both sides for specific application.

Transtherm Polyester Pads (Silicone Free) offer reduced operating temperature applications where silicone migration is a concern. The key property of the TF Polyester based material is high insulation strength with no silicone migration. They are available in various thicknesses, with pressure sensitive adhesive on one or both sides.

Transtherm Gap Fillers are soft materials designed to conduct heat away from uneven surfaces.  Improved conformability allows for intimate contact over rough surfaces or multiple component heights.

Transtherm Phase Change Materials offer very low thermal impedance for thin bondline applications. Self tacky version offers improved product handling and no pump out issue.

Transtherm Thermally Conductive Adhesive is an acrylic based pressure sensitive adhesive with tailor-made ceramic particles that provide superior thermal performance with excellent adhesion features.

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