Micronas – HAL15xy SOT23 Multi-Purpose Switch Family

HAL15xy Automotive Sensor:
Fulfilling latest quality and functional safety standards as AEC-Q100 qualified and ISO 26262 compliant sensor solution.

Optimal system solution for:

  • Position detection, as for
    • Seat and pedal position
    • Gear shift lever
    • Seat belt presence detection
  • Index counting, as for
    • Window lifter
  • Brushless DC motor commutation

Also an industrial version is planned

HAL15xy at a glance:
Multi-purpose devices, available as 3-wire version with short-circuit protected open-drain output and as 2-wire version with current out-put, targeting a wide range of applications by providing new feature set including power-on reset, thermal shutdown and power-on self-test at an excellent price-feature-ratio.

ISO26262 compliant:

Functional Safety – ASIL A ready device:

  • Development process and technical realization according to ISO 26262
  • Single Point Fault Metric of device ≥ 60% (failure coverage)
  • Internal diagnoses of important functions
    • Fail safe state is tri-state (high impedance) for 3-wire and low-current level for 2-wire
    • Supervision of:
      • Internal voltage regulator: under and overvoltage detection
      • Monitoring of internal bias and current level
      • Monitoring band gap
      • Monitoring of hall plate voltage
    • Power-on self-test checking full sensor signal path
  • Device is ready for ASIL A applications or higher classified applications by decomposition

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