Vishay – New Wide-Body VOW3120-X017T IGBT/MOSFET Driver

Featuring a 2.5 A peak output current, the device provides a minimum 10 mm external creepage distance, as well as VIOTM of 8000 V and VIORM of 1414 V and VIOTM of 8000 V. This extreme isolation makes the VOW3120 ideal for applications operating at higher working voltages and/or with higher pollution degree criteria.

Product Features:

  • VIOTM of 8000 V and VIORM of 1414 V
  • Minimum 10 mm creepage/Clearance distance
  • High common mode noise rejection up to 50kV/μs
  • Typical switching delays < 250 ns
  • Rise and fall times < 100 ns

The Perspective:

Built using reliable and time-tested opto-isolation technology, the VOW3120-X017T provides high isolation voltage safety ratings as well as extreme creepage and clearance isolation distances. Not only do these components meet domestic and international safety agency requirements they also help to reduce the electrical noise commonly found in high-power switching circuits for systems such as AC variable speed drives, solar inverters, and welding equipment. The noise isolation capabilities of the VOW3120-X017T components are well demonstrated by their typical high common mode noise rejection values of up to 50 kV/μs.

The device’s low current consumption of 2.5 mA makes it a practical choice in power design applications where high efficiency is required. Combined with the VOW3120-X017T’s wide operating supply voltage range, the low quiescent current requirements makes it possible in many cases to eliminate the need for a secondary side Vcc “housekeeping supply,” reducing component count and overall solution cost.

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