Microchip – Serial SRAM Memory Family

Microchip’s serial SRAM family provides a way to easily and inexpensively add external RAM to almost any application. These serial
devices use less power and fewer I/O connections than traditional parallel SRAM. And, they allow designers to use a smaller microcontroller rather than moving to a larger microcontroller just to get more on-board RAM.

Microchip-Serial SRAM vs Parallel SRAMQuickly and easily add external SRAM

  • 8 and 128 Kbyte options
  • Great for scratchpad, buffering and math-intensive applications
  • Add functionality to your current design

Add features to your current MCUs and get to market faster

  • Familiar 4-pin SPI interface
  • Serial bus requires only 4 microcontroller I/O pins
  • No need to buy a large microcontroller just for the RAM
  • Cost-reduce your current design

Get high-speed SRAM

  • 20 MHz clock speed
  • Unlimited writes to the array (with no wear out)
  • Low standby and operating currents
  • Fast writes with zero latency
  • Write entire 32 Kbyte chip in 13 ms with one command

Microchip-Serial SRAM Lineup

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