Microchip – Smart, Fast Debugging SEGGER J-Link Debug Probes Now Support PIC32 Devices

SEGGER J-Links are the most widely used line of debug probes available today.

SEGGER J-Link debug probes are USB-powered in-circuit programmer/debuggers that support PIC32 devices through the JTAG interface. Supported by MPLAB® X IDE (v2.15 and later), they offer cross-platform support for Windows®, Linux® and OS X® operating systems and can be used to program or debug any PIC32 microcontroller using a JTAG or In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) interface.

J-Link is the fastest debug probe available for PIC32 devices. It takes only 6.5 seconds to flash a 500 KB image to a PIC32MZ device, and downloading to RAM can reach a blazing 3 Mbytes/s. It only reprograms sectors that have changed, reducing download time and increasing the longevity of the device during development. From a debugger perspective, the flash area can be treated just like RAM. Smart Breakpoints in Flash Memory

The J-Link debug probe employs a proprietary approach to provide unlimited software breakpoints, not only when debugging programs located in RAM, but also when debugging programs located in flash memory. Hardware breakpoints are used as much as possible and converted into software breakpoints automatically, when required.

J-Link Base, TOOL2575, on stock at Rutronik,  supports all the standard debug functions, while J-Link PLUS, TOOL3497 adds the unlimited flash breakpoints feature and J-Flash production grade programming software.

J-Link ULTRA+, TOOL3452, adds maximum download speed. To all of this, J-Link PRO, TOOL2827, adds Ethernet connectivity. There is a J-Link model available to fit all project needs and all of them run under MPLAB X IDE.

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