Fujitsu – Parallel 4 Mbit FRAM Product with Pin Compatibility to Low-Power SRAM

Enabling battery-free solutions for industrial machinery and office equipment

Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe released its new 4 Mbit FRAM product MB85R4M2T. Incorporating an SRAM-compatible parallel interface, the MB85R4M2T is housed in a 44-pin TSOP package, which is pin-compatible to standard low-power SRAM. Featuring non-volatile memory with fast write performance, the new product is the ideal choice for replacing battery-backed SRAM in a range of applications, including industrial automation, office equipment, security systems and medical appliances.

Advantages of FRAM versus SRAM

FRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory) is a type of memory featuring both non-volatility and random access. While non-volatility permits data to be retained even in the absence of power, random access also allows faster writes without the delay that is usually inevitable with non-volatile memories. FRAM is also extremely durable, capable of offering 10 trillion read/write cycles. Able to reliably store the most recent changes to data in the event of power outages or main power failure, FRAM is the ideal solution for safeguarding parameter information and logging data in unstable environments.

Since FRAM is non-volatile, battery deployment is rendered redundant, with customers able to save as much as 50% of the PCB mounting area by removing the battery. Non-volatility also cuts power consumption: while SRAM requires a current for data retention when the main power source is removed – consuming roughly 15 µW/second – FRAM requires zero power to retain data. Battery deployment is also associated with battery materials and maintenance outlay. By eliminating the battery, FRAM therefore helps to reduce system costs. Overall, the FRAM device plays a major part in reducing the size, cost and power consumption of the target application.

The MB85R4M2T features a bit configuration of 262,144 words x 16 bits and a flexible operating voltage range of 1.8 V to 3.6V. Fujitsu guarantees 10¹³ read-write cycles and data retention of 10 years at 85°C. The product’s temperature range for industrial operation is -40°C to +85°C

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