EPSON – 16-bit ULP Microcontroller Family S1C17W runs down to 1.2V

The demokit S5U1C17W23T1100 can be ordered as TOOL3735 in our webshop.

Key Features

  • ULP MCU S1C17W23, 96KB Flash
  • Vdd 3.6V down to 1.2V
  • 64×16 Dot Matrix LCD Panel & Beeper
  • 4µA @ 32KHz in RUN
  • Low Energy AD Conversion through Resistance to Frequency converter

Key Benefits

  • Long Battery Life
  • Single Cell Operation
  • Visual and acoustic user Interface
  • Ready for stand-alone Operation
  • Resistance to Frequency Converter needs less Energy than SAR ADC

Key Applications

  • Autonomous Sensors and Loggers
  • Heating Allocators
  • Smart Watches
  • Wearable Electronics
  • Temperature & Humidity Meters

S1C17W is ideal for Battery powered Applications that need an LCD. Resistance to Frequency Converter uses less Energy than standard SAR ADC.

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