Diodes – ZXBM5210 High Performance Single Phase Reversible DC Motor Drive with Speed Control

For system flexibility the device has forward, reverse, brake and standby modes of operations, selected by FWD and REV pins. The motor speed can be controlled linearly by PWM signal duty ratio on FWD and REV pins or alternatively by adjusting DC voltage input signal to the Vref pin.

The device has a wide supply voltage range of 3V to 18V with an operating ambient temperature range of -40oC to 105oC. To minimize power consumption, the ZXBM5210 quiescent current is 0.85mA with 32uA typical in standby mode.

In the motor industry, protection is critical. To help protect the motor coil, the device provides under voltage lockout, over voltage protection, over current limit and thermal shutdown and high ESD withstand capability. The ZXBM5210 is available in industry standard SO-8 thermally capable SO-8EP packages.

The Diodes Advantage:

The ZXBM5210 is a high performance solution for reversible DC motor drives with speed control for consumer, home appliances and industrial applications.

Four modes of operations: Forward, Reverse, Brake and Standby mode

  • High stable solutions providing system flexibility
  • Simple FWD and REV pin for mode selection and operations

Speed control by PWM or DC voltage input signal

  • Flexible speed control by an external PWM signal (via FWD & REV pins) or by DC input voltage on Vref pin

Built-in PWM oscillator and H-Bridge power switches

  • Highly integrated solution reduces components, PCB area and placement cost
  • Low RDS(ON) H-Bridge (the total resistance of 1Ohms) allows high motor current

Over Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Thermal shutdown and ESD withstand capability of 6kV

  • Helps to protect coil and the device
  • Safe, reliable and robust operation

Low operating current 0f 0.85mA with standby current of 32uA typical

  • Helps to minimize power consumption and improve efficiency

Operating temperature range -40oC to 85oC/105oC

  • Suitable for thermally demanding enclosed cooling fan applications.


  • 5V/9V/12/15V Reversible DC motor and actuator drive
  • Home appliances
  • Handheld power tools
  • Valve open and close
  • Motorized remote control toys
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