FCI Launches A Robust And Green Two-piece High Power Card Edge Board-to-Board Connector

Added to FCI’s popular HPCE® Connector (one-piece) and HPCE® Cable (both one-piece and two-piece), this new header and receptacle solution provides more options for customers looking for high current density board-to-board connectivity.

Specifically designed for applications requiring a high current density and low power loss, this two-piece solution delivers up to 200Amps/linear inch, a low contact resistance of just 0.6mΩ per contact, within a compact design of just 7.5mm in height. The innovative power contacts and housings are made for demanding AC and DC power distribution applications, and are ideal for next generation 1U/2U servers, switches, storage enclosures, telecommunications equipment, industrial PCs, controls and instrumentation equipment.

“Following the success of our single-piece HPCE® solution, we developed a two-piece connector solution to serve a wider range of applications,” says Michael Blanchfield, Portfolio Director for Power Solutions at FCI. “One of the key characteristics of the new connector is the ability to reduce contact resistance and minimize energy loss. We are confident the HPCE Board-to-Board connectors will meet many of our customers’ demands for increased reliability and energy efficiency in miniaturized power connectors.”

The HPCE® BTB connectors are produced in a wide variety of configurations to serve a variety of applications. The integrated guide features enable ‘blind-mating’ which facilitates easy connectivity and precise alignment.

The connector also features a highly ventilated housing design which enhances heat dissipation. This is a crucial feature in server and data storage applications, as it helps avert overheating issues, and increases the reliability of the end equipment.The HPCE® BTB connector offers unparalleled power and signal density in a miniaturized board-to-board platform. Samples are available for immediate release.

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