Diodes – 2 x 15W Stereo Class-D Audio Power Amplifier

The PAM8124 is a high-efficiency, Class-D audio power amplifier for driving stereo speakers in a single-ended (SE) configuration (2x15W) or a mono speaker in a bridge-tied-load (BTL) configuration (30W).

It can drive stereo speakers with impedance as low as 4©. Due to its low power dissipation and high efficiency, up to 95%, the PAM8124 can be used without any external heat sink when playing music.

The gain of the amplifier is controlled by two gain selection pins, offering 20dB, 26dB, 32dB, and 36dB gain selections.

The PAM8124 is available in a TSSOP-24EP package.

The Diodes Advantage:

The PAM8124 provides a simple solution for medium power audio amplifiers.

  • Speaker load driving capability as low as 4Ω Low impedance driving ability, suitable for different speakers
  • 10V to 26V supply range Supports both 12V and 24V power line operation
  • Up to 95% efficiency Eliminates heat sink, lowering BOM cost and reducing PCB area
  • VDD over-voltage, UVLO and over-temperature protection Full chip protection with auto restart
  • TSSOP-24EP with exposed pad package Good for heat transferring


  • Televisions
  • Home Sound Systems
  • Active speakers
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