Ceramic Capacitors special

A Ceramic Capacitor uses different ceramic-materials for the dielectric. The composition of the ceramic material defines the electrical characteristic and is divided in 2 groups called class 1 and class 2 materials. The class 1 has high electric stability and low losses and are specified with temperature coefficients whereas class 2 is specified in tolerance fields over temperature and has much higher volumetric efficiency but with lower accuracy.

Generally it can be said that ceramic capacitors have basically the highest electrical performance and the widest range of capacitance and voltage values of the different capacitor technologies.
In this classification-group you will find all special MLCC i.e. Lead-frame and Stacked, Low Inductance, Arrays, Microwave, Feed-through, Safety(X-, Y-classified), Trimmer, High Voltage (>=500V) and others also as automotive specified parts and called High Cap MLCC in sizes 0201 up to 0603 >=1µF, 0805 up to 2220>=10µF; additionally all leaded parts, Single- and Multi-Layer, Cascades, Cylindrical, Pot-types and customer specified devices.

All standard and high running  MLCC ‘s in sizes from 01005 up to 0603  in range below 1µF and below 500V and sizes from 0805 up to 2220  from below 10µF and below 500V you will find in additional group called Ceramic Capacitors standard.

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