WIMA DC-LINK Intermediate Circuit Capacitors

Manufactured with a low loss polypropylene dielectric they show a higher current carrying capability as well as lower dissipation/self-heating at high frequencies compared to electrolytic capacitors.

Further outstanding features are, e.g.:

  • Very high capacitance/volume ratio
  • High voltage rating per component
  • Very low dissipation factor (ESR)
  • Very high insulation resistance
  • Excellent self-healing properties
  • Long life expectancy
  • Non-polar construction
  • Particularly reliable contact configuration
  • High shock and vibration resistance
  • Outstanding mechanical stability

WIMA is offering many different DC LINK options:

WIMA DC-LINK MKP 3 capacitors in cylindrical case with screw fixing are available with capacitances from 35 µF through 200 µF and with voltage ranges from 700 VDC through 1500 VDC. They can be provided with male or female terminations.

WIMA DC-LINK MKP 4 capacitors with rectangular case are available with capacitance values from 2 µF through 150 µF and with rated voltages from 600 VDC through 1300 VDC. For mounting purposes 2-pin and 4-pin versions are possible. The WIMA DC-LINK MKP 4S series has been designed for stringent requirements.

WIMA DC-LINK MKP 5 capacitors in cylindrical plastic case are available with capacitances from 16 µF through 260 µF and with rated voltages of 500 VDC, 700 VDC, 900 VDC, 1100 VDC and 1300 VDC. They are provided with tinned wire terminations for PCB mounting.

WIMA DC-LINK MKP 6 capacitors have a cylindrical aluminium case. They are available with capacitances from 75 µF through 4920 µF and with rated voltages of 600 VDC, 700 VDC, 900 VDC, 1100 VDC, 1300 VDC and 1500 VDC. For bus bar mounting they are designed with M6 screw terminations and M12 screw bolt.

Customized solutions e.g. can be realized with WIMA DC-LINK HC and WIMA DC-LINK HY with variable connecting configurations. For detailed technical data on WIMA DC-LINK capacitors please refer to our website www.wima.com.

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