Epson – Clock Oscillators: SG7050C*N & SG5032C*N Series – Standard Industrial/ Automation Range

From up-to-date 2.5×2.0 to 7.0×5.0mm Epson offer now all sizes in fixed frequency and programmable technology. The main advantages of SiMEMs SPXOs like short lead time and lower cost are therefore no longer valid.

The availability of these new series do not change our strategy to promote 2.5×2.5, especially SG-210STF as before.


  • SG7050CAN / SG5032CAN
  • 50 Frequencies from 1,8432MHz to 60MHz are available ex Stock Rutronik soon


  • CMOS 15pF, Stand-by Function, 3.3V, 50ppm -40+85C OP


  • Please request special quote for any frequency & quantity combination you prefer.
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