X2 Radio Interference Suppression Capacitors from the Asian Market Leader for X2-Capacitors

The preferred series of the Asian market leader for X2 capacitors. The MKP-X2 series capacitors from HJC from Taiwan are available specified at 305Vac and from 0.0047µF to 2.2µF. The operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +110°C.

They can be used in parallel to the mains “across-the-line” circuits for suppression of radio interference. They have the appropriate safety certifications from Europe, the USA, Canada and China and are distinguished by a compact design and an attractive price level.

HJC is the primary supplier of X2 capacitors to the world’s largest manufacturers of power supplies. Furthermore, this series is used, e.g. in electronic appliances installed upstream, in PV inverters, in household appliances of white goods or in electronically-controlled drives. Due to the high degree of automation in the production, larger quantities can also be manufactured within 8 weeks (+transit).

The market leadership in Asia for X2 capacitors is the reference for quality in competitive conditions. The usual values of the HJC MKP-X2 series are available ex stock from Rutronik. If you have any questions or require assistance, contact Rutronik at any time.

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