Molex Introduces VersaBeam MT Interconnects

Extreme performance optical data transmission for extreme performance military environments


WALLDORF, Germany – 11th February, 2015Molex Incorporated announced today their recently launched VersaBeam™ MT Interconnects. Addressing demand for reliable optical connectivity in extreme performance defence applications, VersaBeam MT Interconnects deliver excellent optical data performance in high density fibre applications where expanded beam (EB) solutions would prove an advantage.


“A superior connector choice for defence environments, where performance and reliability are non-negotiable, VersaBeam MT Interconnects are easy-to-use and designed to provide repeatable, error-free fibre optic transmissions,” says Mark Matus, product manager, Molex.


VersaBeam MT Interconnects feature expanded beam lens arrays that create a non-contacting ferrule interface. The controlled gap reduces the risk of connector failure due to debris entrapment during the connector mating and handling process. While traditional optical connectors require frequent inspection and cleaning by trained technicians, the VersaBeam interface can be quickly cleaned with an air blast or other readily available cleaning devices.


Adds Matus, “Extensive testing demonstrates the proven reliability of VersaBeam MT Interconnects to withstand thousands of mating cycles and still perform at optimal levels”.


VersaBeam MT Interconnect single and multi-row high-density EB lens arrays are available in a number of fibre counts to allow system architects to meet the specific bandwidth requirements of an application. The collimated lens array provides excellent insertion loss performance even when exposed to contamination. The MT ferrule footprint enables the use of VersaBeam in MT-compatible MPO/MTP*, Circular MT, 1-by-3 Circular MT, Circular MT Xtreme connectors.


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