FCI ExaMAX Successfully Demonstrates 56Gb/s Transmission Using Duobinary Encoding

FCI, a leading supplier of connectors and interconnect systems, is proud to announce a successful error-free transmission at a data rate of 56Gb/s using duobinary encoding over a channel including the ExaMAX® High Speed Backplane Connector.

The 56Gb/s ExaMAX® High Speed Backplane Connector System features a revolutionary beam-on-beam contact interface that minimizes the residual stub for improved signal integrity performance compared to typical blade-on-beam contact structure and provides exceptionally low mating force while maintaining excellent contact normal force. ExaMAX® combines speed, superior signal integrity performance, and low crosstalk while eliminating insertion loss resonances.

Designed to meet the requirements of next-generation applications, the 56Gb/s ExaMAX® High Speed Backplane Connector is suitable for hubs, switches, routers, optical transport servers, external storage systems, super computers and emulation equipment.

The ExaMAX® 56Gb/s Backplane demonstrator, in collaboration with the Ghent University INTEC Design group, will be presented at DesignCon on Thursday, 29 January, 10:15-10.55hr (PST), Session 10-TH3. The full demonstration of 56Gb/s ExaMAX® High Speed Backplane Connector System will be showcased on both show days at DesignCon, Booth 817, Santa Clara Convention Centre, CA.

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