Toshiba Extends TOSLINK Family with New, Energy-Conserving Fibre Optic Transmission Modules

Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has announced four new additions to its line-up of TOSLINK™ fibre optic modules. The new TOxX1350-series supports signal transmission from direct current (DC) or any datarates up to 10Mb/s. Transmission distances of up to 100m are achieved by Toshiba’s latest APF (all plastic fibre) TOSLINK devices. As applications related to renewable energy are increasingly sensitive to losses in the generation and storage process, the new TOSLINK modules have been optimised to ensure low power consumption.

Toshiba’s TOSLINK is a data transmission system that utilizes optical signals in place of electrical signals. TOSLINK does not emit any electromagnetic noise, and performs more reliably than electrical data transmission, as the optical cable is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference. The new TOSLINK models enable high speed, long distance and low consumption current optical communications, making them well-suited for transmission of control signals in energy sensitive applications including wind and photovoltaic power generation systems, control devices, battery controllers and various industrial devices.

Utilizing an original high-power, high-reliability red LED the new TOTX1350 transmitter products can be driven using low currents. Transmission distances of 40m to 100m can be achieved with a drive current of only 6mA. It is even possible to operate the transmitter with a drive current of only 1.5mA to achieve transmission distances between 0.2m and 50m. This drive current is 90% lower than that of existing TOSLINK products.

In addition, the TORX1350 receiving module uses a single-chip light sensor IC, which contains a photodiode, an amplifier and a waveform shaping circuit (automatic threshold control circuit (ATC)) and operates at 9mA (typ.), 20mA (max.).

The new TOSLINK models are available in both horizontal-type and vertical-type packages that are compatible with the JIS F05 optical connector. TOTX1350(F) and TORX1350(F) are horizontal-type optical transmitting and receiving modules; and TOTX1350(V,F) and TORX1350(V,F) are vertical-type optical transmitting and receiving modules.

The devices have an operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C and support a power supply voltage of 5V.

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