Push-Pull Nano SIM holder

Gradconn – Push-Pull Nano SIM holder

CH03-KA060-0AR is a 6 pin Push-Pull SIM holder that support the new SIM card standard 4FF (Nano SIM) which is currently the smallest SIM available. The size reduction has been achieved by making the insulator around the contact area smaller. SIM contact arrangements are compatible with the earlier formats. Nano SIM cards are thinner than Mini and Micro SIM at 0.67mm. It is an ideal product when space is at a premium, for example hand held devices or wearable mobile products.

Key Benefits:

  • Small size of 12.3mm x 10.0mm
  • Low weight of 0.53 gram

Key Features:

  • Extended operation temperature range of -40°C to + 85°C
  • The SIM holder is rated at 1,500 card insertion cycles
  • Accurate PCB placement is achieved with location pegs
  • The SIM card is pushed into place and pulled out from holder


–> here you will find the link to the datasheet <–


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