Push Micro SIM holder

Gradconn – Push- Push Micro SIM holder

CH03-GB060-ABR is a 6 pin Push-Push SIM holder that support the SIM card standard 3FF (Micro SIM). The device delivers functionality, combined with cost effective pricing. Push-Push technology is normally used in applications where the end user insets a card from outside the equipment. The connector is mounted on the edge of a PCB with the mating face accessible via the panel design.

Key Benefits:

  • Low profile of 1.50mm and measurement of just 15.75mm x 17.17mm
  • Micro SIM card is inserted directly, no separate plastic tray is required

Key Features:

  • Extended operation temperature range of -40°C to + 85°C
  • The holder is rated at 1,500 card insertion cycles
  • SIM card detection switch feature (normally closed)
  • The SIM card is pushed into place and second push operates a spring which ejects the card

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