STMicroelectronics – Reduce your Motor Drive Design Time and Efforts with ST SLLIMMTM Modules

ST’s SLLIMM™ small low-loss intelligent molded module family of IPMs combines optimized silicon chips, integrated in three main inverter blocks.

Power stage

  • Short-circuit rugged IGBTs
  • Freewheeling diodes

Driving network

  • High-voltage gate drivers
  • Discrete gate resistors
  • Integrated bootstrap diodes

Protection and optional features

  • Smart shutdown function
  • Comparators for fault protection against overcurrent and short circuit
  • NTC sensor for temperature control
  • Op-amps for advanced current sensing
  • Deadtime, interlocking function and undervoltage lockout

They are available in the DBC-based SDIP package offering extremely low thermal resistance with optimum quality level and cost effectiveness or in the full molded 3.5 cm² SLLIMM-nano package (NDIP) which is ideal for small, built-in motor applications up to 100 W in free air.

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