Intel® Storage Security Features

Intel® offers a multitude of security feature sets in their vast Solid State Drive (SSD) portfolio that provide product durability, lasting data integrity, and device manageability – all of which helps to keep your critical data safe.

Security features are available across the entire Intel® storage portfolio, which consists of the Consumer, Data Center, Professional and Embedded product categories. However, the number of available security features varies across the Intel® Series and respective product categories. For a quick overview over the entire security feature set please have a look at the table below.

Security Features at a glance

Value Vectors Feature Name
Secure the Data


AES XTS 256 Encryption
Opal 2.0
Enterprise SSC
Pyrite w/Encryption
Format NVM (Crypto & Block Erase)
ATA Security*/ Secure Erase
NVMe Sanitize

Secure the SSD / Secure the Platform



FW Auth. On Download
SSD Secure Boot
Debug Port Protection


For more detailed informations about the features please contact our product sales management team.

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