Based on Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF51422 SoC, the N5 ANT SoC module series offers support for both ANT® and Bluetooth® low energy and enables both protocols to run concurrently, depending on the loaded protocol stack.
The N5 ANT SoC module series starts with N548M8CB in a 14.0mm x 9.8mm x 2.0mm LGA (Land Array Grid) package. A compact design meeting the market requirements for small, light and wearable, the N548M8CB is a turnkey system hardware solution including antenna, onboard 32k and 16M crystal clocks, DC-DC converter and 24 GPIOs with 6 analogue inputs. Nordic Semiconductor protocol stacks, also known as SoftDevices, are pre-compiled, pre-linked binary files, which are downloadable from the Nordic Semiconductor’s web site and can be programmed onto the N5 ANT SoC module series. The N548 modules are pre-programmed with the S210 SoftDevice (ANT 8-channel protocol stack) and ANT network processor application reference code in order to function as a legacy ANT RF module when connected to an application controller. Both pre-programmed images can be easily replaced via the onboard SWD interface pins using off-the-shelf ARM programming tools.

The N5 module series if loaded with ANT and/or BLUETOOTH Low energy stack has been certified to comply with radio regulation or standards covering major markets include North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The N5 ANT SoC modules series has also been qualified by the BLUETOOTH SIG.

Key Features

  • Integrated PCB meander antenna
  • Onboard 32kHz and 16MHz crystal clocks
  • 1.8V to 3.6V supply voltage range
  • -25°C to +75°C operating temperature
  • 24 GPIOs (LGA package)
  • Programmable output per channel from –20dBm up to +4dBm
  • Excellent receiver sensitivity -90dBm
  • RSSI reading (1dBm resolution)
  • Total 256kB embedded flash memory and 16kB RAM
  • SPI, I2C and UART interface
  • ARM SWD interface
  • 14.0×9.8×2.0mm (LGA package)
  • Drop-in compatible package with AP2/C7 modules
  • Radio regulatory approvals for major markets including United States, Canada, European Economic Area, Japan, Australia and New Zealand
  • BLUETOOTH SIG qualification
  • RoHS compliant



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