N5 ANT SoC Module Series

  • Latest enhanced ANT Protocol with proven advantages
  • Small size. 9.8 x 14 x2mm makes it one of the smallest nRF51422 or BLE modules in the market
  • Worldwide RF regulatory approvals

Soft Device protocol stack options:

S210 ANT only

  1. 79 selectable RF channels (2402 to 2480 MHz)
  2. Simple to complex network topologies: peer-to-peer, star, tree, star-to-star and more
  3. Broadcast, acknowledged, and burst data communication modes
  4. Supports up to 8 logical channels each with configurable channel periods (5.2ms – 2s)
  5. Built-in device search and pairing
  6. Built-in interference handling and radio coexistence management with application radio disable requests and application flash write/erase requests
  7. Enhanced ANT features

S310 ANT & BLE concurrent operation

  1.   ANT operation functions as S210
  2.   BLUETOOTH 4.0 compliant low energy single-mode protocol stack
  • BT SIG QDID and DoC numbers
  • Starter Kit support via ANTN5DK1
  • Hardware upgrade boards sold separately 
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