Murata – Crystal Unit – XRCGB and XRCHA series –

For Automotive applications, Murata offers a 2520 crystal unit tailored to this market’s special needs. Murata’s continued innovation and focus on value allows it to stand out from other crystal suppliers. Company acquisition of TEW In Aug. of 2013, Murata acquired TEW (Tokyo Denpa), a leading Japanese crystal maker.

TEW brings to Murata more than 80 years of crystal know-how and manufacturing technology, from growing quartz to finished products. By combining TEW’s crystal elements with Murata’s proven package technology, the Murata Crystal Unit is created. This innovative platform will allow for even smaller sizes and expanded value in the future.

Key Feature and Benefit:

Small Size

  • 2016* size for 24MHz to 48MHz
  • 2520* size for 16MHz to 24MHz
  • *2016 = 2.0mm x 1.6mm package size
  • *2520 = 2.5mm x 2.0mm package size

Frequency Tolerance

  • Available +/-20ppm* for Consumer
  • Available +/-100ppm* for Automotive, *: initial freq. tolerance

Economical & Robust Design

  • Simple structure using Murata’s proven package technology
  • Particle screening process for enhanced reliability

RoHS Compliant & Pb Free



  • Wireless Application(BLE, NFC), Wired Application (Ethernet, USB2.0/3.0), Processor (CPU, MPU, DSP), HDD, SSD, PC, Industry, Medical/Healthcare, etc…


  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System), Power Train, Safety, Chassis, etc…


Dimensions and Land pattern

Part Numbering System

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