Murata – announces ultra-tight ±0.5% tolerance chip NTC thermistors

These ±0.5% tolerance chip NTC thermistors are the first of their kind to be developed and offer a low-cost alternative to IC-based sensing solutions when high sensing accuracy is required. These parts are aimed at applications where the most accurate temperature sensing is required, such as air conditioning systems, power supply cooling/thermal management systems and automotive temperature sensing applications.

Ultra-tight tolerance thermistors are particularly important in situations where the thermistors are to be used near the maximum operating temperature, since low accuracy could mean the maximum operating temperature of the system is exceeded. Murata’s NCP series of chip NTC thermistors offer benefits such as small package sizes (down to 0201) and feature constant temperature coefficient for all the package sizes, supporting customers who wish to downsize their designs.

Simulation software which calculates the output characteristics of any of 418 of Murata’s NCP series of thermistors is available online, to help designers find the right part without any trial and error. 

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