Murata – announces mass production of low profile flexible film temperature sensors ideal for wearable products

Murata announced that is about to commence mass production of a range of surface-mounted NTC temperature sensors that are packaged on a flexible printed circuit (FPC) film. With an FPC thickness of approximately 100μm, they can be easy routed inside complex designs and tight spaces. Owing to their low heat capacity, the sensor’s thermal responsiveness is excellent.

Measuring 50.00 x 3.17 x 0.55 mm the sensors are ideal for sensing the housing temperature of smartphones and tablets. They are also very suitable for use in wearable products for sensing body surface temperature.

The FTNT55XH103FA1A050 sensor can measure temperatures in the range of -40 to + 125 degrees C and has an accuracy, at 25 degrees C of +/- 0.4 degrees C.
Resistance at 25 degrees C is 10 k ohm +/- 1%.

As smartphones and tablets have become more compact with even greater sophisticated functions the need to monitor the thermal design in space-constrained designs is more important. Also, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) trend of wearable products is gaining popularity and measuring the users body temperature is just one of the feature of products such as fitness bands and sports performance monitors. The new low-profile film temperature sensor is ideal for use in these and many other applications.

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