Molex – Pico-Lock™ SMT Wire-to-Board System, With Positive Side Locks, 1.00mm Pitch

Available in both 1.00 and 1.50mm pitch versions, the Pico-LockTM wire-to-board system offers an ideal combination of low profile, high current and durable locking for any application requiring space savings and secure mating retention.


  • Ultra-low-profile mated heights
  • Side positive locks
  • Up to 3.0A current rating (1.50 pitch version)
  • Wide robust fitting nails (solder tabs)
  • Polarization/mating guide features
  • Top friction locks


  • Space savings
  • Secure mating retention and additional space savings
  • Provides mating guidance and pin/contact protection
  • Secure PCB retention and additional mechanical stability
  • Prevents mismating while guiding the housing into the header
  • Additional mating retention and visual mating assurance

Markets and Applications:


  • Smart Meters
  • Factory Automation
  • Power Supplies
  • Security/Surveillance

Personal Computers

  • Notebook
  • Tablet


  • Infotainment
  • Interior Electronics

LED/LCD Displays

  • PC
  • TV


  • Wireless Modem


  • LED Lamp
  • Transformer
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