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The SPBT2632C1A. AT2 is an easy to use Bluetooth module, compliant with Bluetooth v3.0. The module provides complete RF platform in a small form factor. The SPBT2632C1A.AT2 enables electronic devices with wireless connectivity, not requiring any RF experience or expertise for integration into the final product. The SPBT2632C1A.AT2 module, being a certified solution, optimizes the time to market of the final application.

The module is designed for maximum performance in a minimal space including fast speed UART and 16 general purpose I/O lines, several serial interface options, and up to 560 kbps transmission speed with SPP service active, 250 kbps with iAP service active. An optimized design allows the integration of a complete working Bluetooth modem, including antenna and LPO (low power oscillator), enabling low power mode capability in the minimum possible size. The SPBT2632C1A.AT2 is a surface mount PCB module that provides fully embedded, ready-to-use Bluetooth wireless technology. The reprogrammable Flash memory contains embedded firmware for serial cable replacement using the Bluetooth SPP profile.

Embedded Bluetooth AT2 command firmware is a friendly interface, which realizes a simple control for cable replacement, enabling communication with most Bluetooth enabled devices, provided that the devices support SPP profile. The SPBT2532C1A.AT2, supporting iAP profile, provides communication with Android, smartphone and Apple® iOS Bluetooth enabled devices. An Apple authentication IC is required to exchange data with an Apple device or access an Apple device application. The AT2 FW includes the Bluetooth SPP profile capable of recognizing the Apple authentication chip. Customers using the Apple authentication IC must register as developers, to become an Apple certified MFI member.

License fees may apply, for additional information visit:

Certified MFI developers developing electronic accessories that connect to an iPod®, iPhone®, and iPad® can gain access to technical documentation, hardware components, technical support and certification logos. Customized firmware for peripheral device interaction, power optimization, security, and other proprietary features may be supported and can be ordered pre-loaded and configured. 

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