Microchip – New Microchip GestIC® Controller Enables One-step Design-in of 3D Gesture Recognition in Embedded Devices

The new MGC3030 3D gesture controller features simplified user-interface options focused on gesture detection, enabling true one-step design-in of 3D gesture recognition in consumer and embedded devices. The MGC3030’s on-chip 32-bit digital signal processor executes real-time gesture processing, eliminating the need for external cameras or controllers for host processing, and allowing for faster and more natural user interaction with devices.

Further simplifying the design process and accelerating time to market, the MGC3030 makes full use of the GestIC family development tools. To enable development with the MGC3030, Microchip’s Woodstar MGC3030 Development Kit (DM160226),  was also announced.

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The MGC3030 Woodstar Development Kit builds a complete MGC3030 reference system consisting of

  • MGC3030 Module
  • I2C to USB Bridge
  • Reference electrode (95 x 60mm sensitive area)

Together with the provided Aurea SW / reference designs / SDK package / electrode design guides, helps to fast design of gesture solutions using the MGC3030.

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