With the MGC3130 Software Package, including Aurea Graphical User Interface and GestIC Library, the MGC3130 Software Development Kit (SDK) and PIC18 Host Reference code, design-in is easy in five steps:

  1. Feature Definition
  2. Electrode Design
  3. MGC3130 Parameterization
  4. Host Application Programming
  5. Verification Hillstar hardware builds a complete MGC3130 reference system consisting of three individual


  • MGC3130 Unit
  • I2C™ to USB Bridge
  • Reference Electrode with a 95×60 mm sensitive area

It can be plugged to a PC via USB cable and used for evaluation of MGC3130 chip and GestIC technology. During the customer’s design-in process the individual boards can be combined according to the customers need.

Three examples are given below:

  • Combine MGC3130 Unit and I2C to USB Bridge to evaluate customized electrodes
  • Use I2C to USB Bridge to parameterize and debug the MGC3130 application circuitry in the customer’s design
  • Combine MGC3130 Unit and Electrodes to develop gesture-driven applications for PC based or embedded software environments.

The Hillstar Development Kit package content:

  • MGC3130 Module
  • I2C to USB Bridge Module
  • 4-layer reference electrode (95×60 mm sensitive area)
  • ‘Hand brick’ set (self-assembly, four foam blocks, one copper foil)
  • USB Cable for PC connection
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