JS-Series – Fujitsu relay solution for the lighting industry

LED lighting in greenhouses

For this application relays are used to control the lighting ballast. The aim is to reduce energy costs through LED greenhouses light modules. In greenhouses the light intensity depends on the actual intensity of the daylight entering the greenhouse. In order to save energy at full daylight conditions, the LEDs are dimmed by the driver to a very light level, but the driver itself still consumes energy. The JS series is our recommendation to switch off the drivers completely.


  • 1 POLE – 8A Medium Load Control
  • Low profile and space saving
  • Height: 12.5mm – Mounting space: 290mm²
  • High insulation in small package
  • Insulation distance: 8.0mm (between coil and contacts)
  • Dielectric strength: 5,000VAC
  • Surge strength: 10,000V
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