Panasonic Launches “Good Energy” Campaign

With a series of informative videos, the world’s largest battery manufacturer explains why reliable batteries make such a huge difference to our daily lives.

good-energy_pressrelease_72dpi_2Hamburg, 11. December 2015. People rarely think about batteries. And when they do, it’s to expect they will reliably deliver power and last as long as possible. Panasonic, the leading manufacturer of industrial batteries, is now shining the spotlight on batteries with a dedicated information campaign titled “Good Energy”. The campaign focuses on applications in which reliable battery deployment is particularly helpful, eco-friendly or even life-saving.

The first clip in a planned series of expertly produced films is a feature on smoke detectors. The approximately six-minute video shows the use of smoke alarms in a caravan.

The video was created with the German smoke-alarm manufacturer Pyrexx and a volunteer fire brigade, with filming at the Pyrexx production facility in Berlin as well as at a caravan fire. In the film, experts from the fire brigade and manufacturer give tips on how to minimize fire risks, how to maintain smoke alarms and use them properly.

“We want this campaign to raise awareness of how important reliable batteries are in almost every aspect of our lives,” says Alexander Berghoff, Marketing Services Manager at Panasonic. “We are publishing the videos on YouTube and other social networks. They will also be available on a dedicated section of our own website together with extra information and links. We’ll be publicizing the campaign further with press work and other communications. The next videos are already being planned. Defibrillators and security systems are among the many possible applications we could feature.”


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