Intersil – ISL8115 High Voltage Synchronous Buck PWM Controller with Integrated Gate Driver and Current Sharing Capability

Utilizing voltage-mode control with input voltage feed-forward compensation, the ISL8115 maintains a constant loop gain for optimal transient response, especially for applications with a wide input voltage range.

The ISL8115 protects against overcurrent conditions by inhibiting the PWM operation while monitoring the current with DCR of the output inductor, or a precision resistor. It also has a pre-POR overvoltage protection option, which provides some protection to the load if the upper MOSFET(s) is shorted.

The ISL8115 features remote ground sensing, programmable input voltage UVLO, output under/overvoltage protection, power-good indication, and fault Hand Shake capability.

Key Features:

  • Wide VIN range operation: 2.97V to 36V; up to 5.5V output and 30A load current per phase
  • Fast transient response
    • Voltage-mode PWM leading-edge modulation with non-linear control
    • Input voltage feed-forward
  • Integrated 5V high speed 4A MOSFET gate drivers
    • Internal bootstrap diode
  • Excellent output voltage regulation
    • 0.6V ±1.0% internal reference (-40°C ~ 125°C)
    • 0.6V ±0.7% internal reference (-40°C ~ 105°C)
    • Differential voltage sensing
  • Excellent current balancing and overcurrent protection
    • Peak and average overcurrent protection
    • Output current monitor on the ISET pin o Oscillator programmable from 150kHz to 1.5MHz
    • Frequency synchronization to external clock signal
  • Diode emulation mode for light load efficiency improvement
  • Power-good open drain output o Pre-bias start-up function
  • Output OVP, UVP; OTP
  • Adjustable Soft-Start Applications
  • Power supply for datacom/telecom and POL
  • Wide input voltage range buck regulators
  • High current density power supplies RF power amplifier bias compensation
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