Infineon – IKW40N120CS6, IKQ75N120CS6, IKY75N120CS6, IKY40N120CS6, IKW15N120BH6 – New generation 1200 V TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT6


IKW40N120CS6, IKQ75N120CS6, IKY75N120CS6, IKY40N120CS6, IKW15N120BH6

Next generation 1200 V IGBT technology – next level efficiency by improvement both conduction and switching losses.

The TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT6 is released in two product families – low conduction losses optimized S6 series and improved switching losses H6 series.

– Low conduction losses with 1.85V Vce(sat) for S6 series
– Best combination of switching and conduction losses for switching frequency 15 – 40 kHz
– Highest current of 75 A 1200 V IGBT co-packed with 75 A diode in TO-247 footprint
– High Rg controllability
– Full rated, soft and robust freewheeling diode
– Low EMI

– Easy, plug & play replacement of predecessor HighSpeed3 H3 IGBT
– 0.15% system efficiency improvement when changing from H3 to S6 in TO-247-31
– 0.20% system efficiency improvement when changing from H3 to S6 in TO-247PLUS 4pin
– Suitable for high power designs above 20 kW with less paralleling
– Easy adjustment of the device to the switching speed required in application due to high Rg controllability

Competitive advantage:
Unique highest current density 75 A 1200 V IGBT in TO-247 footprint –
extends use of discrete IGBT in high power designs above 20 kW with low

Target applications:
– Welding
– Battery chargers
– Solar
– Drives

Value proposition:
– Easy replacement of the predecessor Highspeed3 IGBT – upgrade of available designs for higher efficiency or higher power output
– Highest current in 75 A 1200 V duo-pack IGBT as alternative to design > 20 kW using low power IGBT modules

Application examples:
Welding machine inverter (HB or FB topology), UPS main inverter T-type (B6 topology), Solar Boost and main inverter, Motor drive (B6 topology), PFC, Boost

Block diagram:

Completing products:
Gate driver: EiceDRIVER™ 1ED Compact gate driver ICs
– 1ED Compact isolated gate-driver IC

ICGDRV1217     1EDI60I12AH


Evaluation board:

– Complete setup for the evaluation of the IGBT switching behavior
– Configurable for continuous operation as a buck or boost converter
– Test 3pin and 4pin variants of TO-247 and TO-247PLUS

Product overview incl. data sheet link:

Rutronik Number Type OPN SP Number Package
IGBT2498 IKW15N120BH6 IKW15N120BH6XKSA1 SP001666618 PG-TO247-3
IGBT2499 IKY40N120CS6 IKY40N120CS6XKSA1 SP001666620 PG-TO247-4
IGBT2500 IKW40N120CS6 IKW40N120CS6XKSA1 SP001666622 PG-TO247-3
IGBT2490 IKQ75N120CS6 IKQ75N120CS6XKSA1 SP001666624 PG-TO247-3
IGBT2502 IKY75N120CS6 IKY75N120CS6XKSA1 SP001666626 PG-TO247-4


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