The productgroup comprises the following: Radio Frequency Chokes, Storage Chokes, PFC Chokes and Common Mode Chokes

An inductor (also choke or coil) is a passive two terminal electrical component that stores energy in its magnetic field. For comparison, a capacitor stores energy in an electrical field.

Any conductor has inductance. An inductor is typically made of a wire or other conductor wound into a coil, to increase the magnetic field.

An inductor is usually constructed as a coil of conducting material, typically copper wire, wrapped around a core. Core materials with a higher permeability than that of air increase the magnetic field and confine it closely to the inductor, thereby increasing the inductance.

A magnetic core can increase the inductance of a coil by a factor of several thousand.

Inductors come in many shapes. Most are constructed as enamel coated wire (magnetic wire) wrapped around a ferrite bobbin bobbin with wire exposed on the outside, while some enclose the wire completely in ferrite and are referred to as “shielded”.

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