The world’s most precise SM rotary position sensor

Murata develops world’s most precise SM rotary position sensors suitable for automotive applications

Murata has announced the development of the world’s most precise surface-mount type rotary position sensors, the compact and low-profile SVK3 series. Mass production of the SVK3 series is scheduled to begin in February 2015.


  • Linearity of ±1%, twice the precision of its predecessor (SVK03)
  • Meets usable temperature range (-40°C to 125°C) & service life (300,000 cycles) requirements of automotive applications
  • Compact size, low profile (W11 × L12 × T2.1mm) & light weight (0.4g) allows for smaller and lighter products
  • External configuration identical to SVK03 series, enabling replacement without design changes
  • resistance of 10k ohms
  • provides an effective angle of rotary movement of 333.3 degrees.


Market Applications:

  • electronic rotary switches (automobile air condition), visibility adjustments, position memory, failsafe functions for head-up display (HUD) screens, selectors for household appliances (washing machines, coffee makers etc.), feedback sensors for motor drive devices in robots etc.
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