Diodes: Single Rail to Rail Output CMOS Op-Amps

The TLV271 is an industry standard single, rail to rail output, CMOS op-amp. These devices offer a minimum operating supply voltage of 2.7V with a rail-to-rail output voltage swing. The TLV271 also provides 2MHz bandwidth and 1.4V/μs slew rate from only 550μA supply current.

The devices are specified for 5V and ±5V supplies with a maximum recommended supply voltage of 16V. The devices can therefore be operated from a variety of rechargeable cells, including 2.7V operation with Li Ion cells, making them ideal for battery powered applications. The CMOS inputs enable use in high-impedance sensor applications.

The TLV271 is available in either SOT23-5 or SO8 packaging. Two temperature grades are available for the parts; C grade offers 0 to 70ºC operating, I grade offers -40 to 125ºC operating.

The Diodes Advantage:

Industry standard part number and specification

  • Economic drop in replacement for alternative parts

Rail to rail output swing

  • Optimises output swing range particularly when used with low supply voltages

2MHz bandwidth and 1.4V/μs slew rate

  • Enhanced performance provides upgrade to circuits using TLC27 series op-amps

Operation down to 2.7V and 550μA supply current

  • Ideal for low power and battery powered applications

Low noise operation

  • Typically 30 nV/√Hz at 1 kHz
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