C&K Components Develops Soft Touch Surface Mount Tactile Switches With Miniature Footprint and Extended Lifecycles

KSH Series SMT top-actuated tactile switches offer multiple actuation force options…

C&K Components has developed a series of surface mount top-actuated tactile switches with a range of actuation forces and extended operating life cycles. Both two-terminal and four-terminal styles are housed within the same 6.3 mm x 6.3 mm x 5.0 mm package.

The KSH Series tactile switches are RoHS-compliant SPST (single-pole, single-throw) top-actuated surface mount devices with a “soft touch” tactile feel and a range of operating force ratings (1.6N, 2.0N, 2.5N, 3.0N and 3.5N) with a travel distance of 1.3mm.  Contacts are rated for 50mA / 10µA (min. / max.) and 12VDC / 2VDC (min. / max.), with an operational life of 200,000 cycles (up to 3.0N operating force). Operating temperature range is -40°C to 90°C.

“The KSH Series switches represent an economical alternative to rubber keypads, since they can be mounted using standard pick-and-place assembly equipment,” said Jerome Smolinski, Senior Product Manager at C&K Components. “The switch incorporates a high-grade silicone that delivers consistent tactile ratios over the operating life cycle, and the moving contact design eliminates the carbon pill intermediate, giving the switches a stable contact resistance.  With an operational life cycle more than twice that of competitive devices, the KSH Series switches are ideal for automotive interiors and AV systems, as well as electronic musical instrument applications.”


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