AVX Releases New Extended Range 250VDC Multilayer Organic Capacitor

As a leader in RF passive products, AVX continuously strives to meet market demands by improving current product and developing new products. In keeping with this tradition, AVX announces the release of the new 250VDC extended range MLO™ series of RF Capacitors.

Based on its patented multilayer low loss organic (MLO™) technology, these new capacitors represent a revolutionary shift from traditional ceramic and thin film passive SMT components. Copper Organic Capacitors (COCs) are polymer based capacitors that use high conductivity copper interconnects in a multilayer fashion.

The ability to fabricate these components on large area substrates and state of the art laser direct imaging allow for improved cost benefits and tolerance control. The end result is a state of the art low ESR and high SRF low profile RF capacitor that can support frequencies well above one GHz. Additionally MLO™ capacitors are expansion matched to printed circuit boards to for improved reliability.

Key features:

  • Low ESR
  • 0603 size
  • High-Q
  • Capacitance range: 0,1 pF to 5.1 pF
  • Voltage: 250 VDC
  • NPO Characteristic
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