AVX – Extends the Capacitance Range & Voltage Ratings for its X7R MLCCs

The extended capacitance range and new voltage ratings add even greater value to our line of X7R MLCCs, which are already available in a wide range of case sizes and with several tolerance and termination options, by allowing engineers to customize nearly every aspect of the devices to suit their design specifications.

Some Key Features/Benefits Include:

  • Temperature Range: -55°C to +125°C
  • Voltage Range: 4V to 500V (Up to 5000V for High Voltage X7R)
  • Cap Range: 100pF to 47uF
  • Dielectric: X7R
  • Sizes: 01005 to 2225
  • Termination Options: Plated Ni/Sn, Plated Au, and Flexiterm® Applications/

Advantages & Selling Points

  • Very low ESR
  • High Volumetric Efficiency (High K)
  • Ideal for decoupling and filtering in mobile, medical, and digital electronics such as cellphones, tablets, high speed processors/FPGAs, and implantable medical devices.
  • Additional applications include automotive, medical, industrial and commercial electronics as snubbers, resonators, filters or DC blocking caps in, displays, high voltage multipliers, high frequency power converters and SMPS.
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