ZMDI – Sensor Signal Conditioning

Multi-Market Sensing Platforms and Mobile Sensing by ZMDI Over 50 Years of Proven Reliability Designing Semiconductor Solutions.

ZMDI, a leading-edge company providing advanced multi-market sensing platform ICs:

Resistive Sensor Signal Conditioners (SSCs)

  • ZSC31010
  • ZSC31014
  • ZSC31015
  • ZSC31050

Resistive Automotive AEC-Q100-Qualified SSCs

  • ZSC31150
  • ZSSC3015
  • ZSSC3131
  • ZSSC3135
  • ZSSC3136
  • ZSSC3138
  • ZSSC3154
  • ZSSC3170

Capacitive SSCs

  • ZSSC3122
  • ZSSC3123

ZMDI, a strong partner for mobile sensing

  • ZSSC3016
  • ZSSC3026
  • ZSSC3027
  • ZSSC3036
  • ZOPT3100

Additional Information:

Be sure to discover ZMDIs brand new catalogue highlighting the Sensor Interface IC Solutions.

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