Toshiba Launches Photovoltaic Couplers in Small-Size SO6 Packages

The structure of a photovoltaic coupler is a photorelay without a MOSFET chip. Users can create an isolated relay by combining the photovoltaic coupler with an external MOSFET of their choice.

This makes it possible to realize larger voltages and currents and exceed the capabilities of existing photorelay products. While maintaining the fundamental performance of Toshiba’s current products, TLP190B and TLP191B, the new products, TLP3905 and TLP3906 expand application possibilities by increasing the maximum operating temperature to 125°C (max) and increasing the isolation voltage by 50% to 3750Vrms (min).

In addition, TLP3906 integrates a control circuit for releasing the MOSFET gate charge, ensuring a turn-off speed of 0.3ms – approximately one third of TLP3905. TLP3906 also guarantees a minimum LED trigger current IFT (max) of 3mA to ensure low power dissipation of LED current. The devices also provide short circuit current ISC of min12μA, the open voltage VOC is min. 7V

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