Molex – CLIK-Mate 1.50mm Wire-to-Board Connector System from Molex Offers Widest Range of Mechanical and Electrical Options

Molex Incorporated solves common design challenges faced by electronics engineers with its CLIK-Mate 1.50mm Wire-to-Board Connector System, which offers a variety of circuit sizes, mounting styles and wire gauges to meet next-generation power and signal needs. In addition to the original top-mount options, the CLIK-Mate 1.50mm family now includes a bottom-entry version, providing capabilities for multiple applications that require the mating configuration to come from underneath such as solid-state lighting; gaming machines; LCD televisions; desktop PCs; servers, hubs and routers; factory automation equipment; medical equipment and automotive infotainment devices.

“One goal at Molex is to develop solutions that address specific design challenges faced by our customers. As electronics continue to become more sophisticated certain applications, such as LED downlighting, require electrical connections that are routed up through the PCB. Without a bottom-entry option the wiring has to go around the PCB making it more costly and difficult to assemble,” explains Goji Tanabe, product manager, Molex

“The CLIK-Mate 1.50mm bottom-entry option allows more direct mating access compared to traditional right-angle types for space savings and simplified assembly.” The CLIK-Mate 1.50mm offers approximately a 30 percent smaller footprint versus similar 2.00mm pitch versions, yet it still meets the same signal and power requirements making it an ideal bridge between CLIK-Mate 1.25mm and CLIK-Mate 2.0mm. It also provides mating assurance with several design features including dual inner positive locks with an audible click, a user-friendly thumb-latch for easy insertion/extraction and windows that provide visual confirmation of locking. The tuning-fork terminal design on the CLIK-Mate 1.50mm system provides protection against terminal stubbing, along with low insertion force and secure contact.

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