SX-NEWAH – Silex´s first 802.11ah Wi-Fi Solution

The SX-NEWAH is the first industry´s IEEE 802.11ah Wi-Fi module that operates in the Sub 1 GHz license-exempt band. Powered by the NRC7292 SoC from Newracom it provides a greater range over 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi technologies and also a higher data rate than Low-Power-Wide-Area (LPWA) such as LoRa and Sigfox. NRC7292’s self-contained IEEE 802.11ah Wi-Fi networking capabilities with fully integrated radio transceiver provide the ideal solution for adding Wi-Fi connectivity to IoT products. 1/2/4MHz channel widths with optional short guard interval (SGI) give a PHY rate of 150 Kbit/s to 15 Mbit/s, the sensors low-rate applications with a high rate can support. This unique solution enables optimized interoperability of data transfer with existing Wi-Fi networks and performs a data transfer with a range of up to 1 km with low power consumption.

SX-NEWAH opens up unlimited possibilities for various remote monitoring applications such as industrial sensors, elderly monitoring, security surveillance, building automation and agricultural IoT.


  • IEEE 802.11ah (1×1)
  • Dedicated SPI interface for host
  • Hosted wireless station and AP radio module
  • -40℃ to +85℃ operational temp
  • Mechanical: 20.5 x 27.0 x 3.1mm SMT
  • Power consumption
    • TX mode: 200mA (@ + 10dBm)
    • RX mode: 40mA
  • Deep Sleep mode: 20uA
  • Region Specific SKU’s
  • Filter Required for region frequency ranges


  • Long Range
    • Emergency Warning Services
    • City Information Service
    • Traffic Control Services
  • MD IoT
    • Healthcare
    • Fitness
  • High Client Count

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SX-NEWAH Evaluation Board

SX-NEWAH Evaluation KIT


Industry’s First 802.11ah Wi-Fi Solution for IoT Devices







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