STMicroelectronics – Diodes “RQ” 600V Extension to 60A – STH60RQ06(-Y)

Rapid and Quiet reverse Recovery 600V diodes boost all resonant converters

ST now offers 600V “RQ” new dides (Rapid & Quiet), developed for on-board battery chargers (OBC), 2 or3 wheelers chargers, EV charging stations, and industial converters. These diodes Feature a specific Vrrm guaranteed from -40°C to +175°C, a unique trade-off a soft reverse recovery -to reduce EMI, and a low VF,-to gain effeciency in all modes of resonant based topologies. Ranging now from 15A up to 60A Forward current ratings, ST’s STTH15RQ06(Y), STTH30RQ06(Y), and STTH60RQ06(Y), are avaible in surface – mount (D²PAK), and through – hole (TO- 220AC and DO-247) packages, in both Industrial grade and automotive grade AEC-Q101 qualified.

Problem solved

Reduce EMI disturbances while keeping Efficiency in high power converters where working mode are multiple in a same application.


  • Ultrafast and soft recovery characteristics with Optimum Figure of Merit (Vf X Qrr)
  • ECOPACK2 components
  • Automotive diodes have Vrrm guaranteed from -40 to +175°C
  • AEC-Q101 qualified & PPAP capable for Automotive Versions


  • Enable Operation at higher switching frequencies
  • Reduce Total System losses, conduction and switching
  • Limits EMI noise
  • Provides high quality performances
  • Improve System reliability


  • Vrrm guaranteed from -40°C to +175 on automotive grade Version unique trade-off
  • Competition: APT/Microsemi & Fairchild

Target Applications

BBC, 2 or 3 wheelers chargers, EV Charging stations, SMPS, UPS, High power converters in industrial converters

Keywords (SEO)

  • Diodes, OBC, chargibg Station, LLC topology



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