ROHM – The ML7105-00x is a 2.4GHz band wireless communication IC compatible with Bluetooth® Low Energy (master and slave) with built-in RF and baseband.

The Bluetooth LE IC ML7105 which is compliant to Bluetooth® SIG Core Spec v4.0. offers an integrated baseband controller compatible with Bluetooth® LE single mode. The built-in low power consumption RF block as well ensures energy efficiency and the interfaces support SPI (Slave)/UART/I2C (Master/Slave). With an active power consumption of less than 9mA (TX & RX)the ML7105 is one of the most efficient Bluetooth LE controller on the market.


  • Bluetooth® SIG Core Spec v4.0 compliant
  • Ultra Low Power RF block
  • Cortex-M0 Micro processor, it has interrupt controller and Sys-Tick Timer
  • 64KB ROM (CODE_ROM) for Program, 16KB RAM (DATA_RAM) for Data
  • 12KB RAM (CODE_RAM) for user Program
  • Bluetooth® LE single mode compliant Baseband controller
  • UART interface for Bluetooth® Host Controller Interface (HCI)
  • SPI (Slave mode) interface for Custom Host Controller Interface
  • I2C (Master & Slave) interface for EEPROM or Custom Host Controller Interface
  • GPIO ports
  • System Clock Timer and External Low Power Clock Timer
  • Low Power operating mode
  • Single power supply 1.6V to 3.6V
  • Operating Temperature -20 deg.C to 70 deg.C


  • Bluetooth® Low Energy is ideal for a variety of applications, including
  • Health / fitness equipment, medical devices and wathes

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