Renesas – Spin your BLDC Motor in no time with YROTATE-IT-RX62T

The YROTATE-IT-RX62T can be ordered in as TOOL3208.

The Field Oriented Algorithm enables to control the motor speed, torque in a sensorless techniques in any load conditions. Furthermore, the RX62T/63T MCUs drive up to two motors simultaneously.


Demokit Key Features

  • Intuitive GUI to drive motor in 45 seconds
  • Auto identifying of motor parameters
  • Single PCB – Inverter + MCU RX62T
  • Fully vector controlled and sensorless
  • High Frequency Modulation > 20KHz

Key Benefits

  • Short development cycle, fast time to market
  • Comfortable controller tuning
  • Compact design
  • Best dynamic control characteristics
  • Low noise operation

Key Applications

  • Dual BLDC Motor Control
  • Escalators, Power Tools
  • Servo Drives
  • Welding Machines
  • Inverters

RX62T with 100MHz, FPU, zero wait execution out of flash, delivers outstanding performance and integration for Field Oriented Motor Control.

Finally, the PC GUI & embedded software enable the auto-tuning of PI current coefficient & automatic motor parameters identification.


Memory Footprint 10 KB Flash / 2.5 KB RAM
PWM Frequency 16 kHz
Control loop Frequency 16 kHz
CPU time available 38%
Auto-tuning PI current Enable by default
Motor calibration Enable by default
Flux weakening algorithm Enable by default
Voltage bus monitoring Enable by default
Fail-safe mechanism Enable by default
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